Cdr Dickerson VF-194  1986-88    

For unit history update for this period:

We were "technically assigned" to the USS Independence (CV-62) and attached to CVW-10, but, we never actually deployed on that ship.

We did one "work up" or CQ underway period embarked in USS Enterprise (CVN-65)  bound for "Sea Fair" in Seattle, WA, in Late July/August of '87. In port static display. Public tours. The only other two Detachments we had was an ACM Det to George AFB, Victorville, CA, against F-111 and F-4 aircraft there. The other was an ACM Det working out of NAF El Centro, CA, where we had a single vehicle traffic accident that claimed the life of our newest squadron member, an Air Intelligence Ensign. The three other enlisted men in the vehicle were seriously injured. The driver of the car was a LT RIO who crashed his personal POV into an irrigation canal near the base, with the carload of squadron mates.

The squadrons' sole historical purpose was to act as a ruse to fool the Russians into believing were were building up additional Air wings for a 14 carrier Navy. This supported other Cold War policies which ultimately culminated or lead to the USSR "folding up" in late '89.

Our three squadron in CVW-10, VF-191, VF-194 and VAW-111 were nothing more than "Paper Dragon."  

A Deception. We even painted different "200" series nose numbers to fool any local photographers into thinking we had more aircraft than we really had.  We were never fully manned with either a complete compliment of officer or enlisted personnel. Nor did we ever have a full compliment of aircraft. We had approximately 6 F-14's. same as our sister squadron, VF-191. Two squadrons for the price of one.

CDR Robert "Beachball" Dickerson, USN, (1320) was our CO for the entire period.
CDR Thomas "Stretch" McKenzie, USN (1310) was our XO.

Nice to see the F14 Wardroom photo on the website. I'm on the far right, standing, wearing khakis. Notice the "208" on the nose of aircraft? We never use eight or nines on nose side numbers.


Hud'n  Hud'n
Gary "Greasy" Grisé
AMDO, Green Shirt, VF-194

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